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Find Your Calm, Find Your Flow

Does your life look good on paper and yet it doesn't light you up from inside-out?

Do you struggle feeling emotions outside of "I'm fine"/"I'm Ok"?

Do regrets and past events keep you away from feeling happy again? 

Welcome to LeReste Flow!

Aspiring to make an impact in the realm of personal growth and spirituality; realigning Mind, Body, & Energy.

Helping individuals and teams stay grounded in the face of uncertainty; feel calm in the middle of chaos, and look after their inner self along the way.


Live Life. Feel the Feeling.

Empower Yourself Through Change.

Coaching with Sophie
For Individuals and Businesses  

1:1 & Group | Online & In Person

Haha, Yin, Restorative & Yoga Nidra in Winchester and Kings Worthy (Hamshire, UK). Focus on being present, strengthening, stretching, and relaxing- challenging both body and mind. Beginners welcome.


Empower Yourself Today, Get in Touch...

Looking for a Yoga class?

"Sophie is an amazing teacher and I look forward to class every week. Darker the room the better, with the candles it's so relaxing"

K. , Winchester

Add Yoga to Your Employee / Client Benefits

Corporate & Private Yoga

Would you like to find more natural ways to calm your mind, build resilience at work, increase focus and concentration, etc... A personalised Corporate, Group, or 1-2-1 Yoga program can be a great way to add new routines into your life to support your health and wellness, day in, and day out. 

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