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Corporate & Private Offering

A Yoga Program Tailored  for YOU

Private & Corporate sessions allow you to deep dive into specific areas, explore Yoga poses, and focus on your wellbeing, for both body and mind.  

We plan together a Yoga program based on your aspirations, wishes, and needs;

Focusing on YOU & YOUR Yoga practice on and off the mat. 

Book Your Free Initial Call

Would you like to explore how a private Yoga program can support your wellbeing? Book an introductory call with Sophie 

Personalised 1-2-1 Yoga Program

 A Whole Program Focused on YOU

Create your very own Yoga Journey with Sophie.


A customised program working on the areas of your choice.


The first conversation is a 30min call with Sophie to understand what you would like to focus on: body parts, emotions, particular yoga poses, etc.

With a genuine chat around your topics, we will define together the initial draft of your customised Yoga program.

No Previous Yoga experience needed 

This progam is made with, and by YOU, for YOU. 

Come learn about tools and techniques you can use into your day to day life to bring more joy, peace and happiness into your life



A 30min Initial Call

In-person and/or Online sessions

Email / Chat follow-up in-between sessions

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