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Your Questions

You Ask. I Gladly Answer.

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What Do I need to bring to Class?

*A Yoga mat with any props you would like to use (these are optional You can attend any class without props as variations are suggested to fit all levels). If props are required for a class or workshop then we will inform you in advance and/or provide those props for you to use during the sessions

*Water or hot drink to keep hydrated during and after class

*Wear comfortable clothes and bring any additional layer for our relaxation. Each class includes a 5-10min relaxation at the end and you may want to wear an additional jumper, some socks, or even get cosy under a comfy blanket! 

Can I book a private class?

Yes. LeReste Flow Yoga offers both 1-2-1 Yoga Classes and Yoga Programs. Both offer a personalised approach. 
With a 1-2-1 Yoga Class you will get a 30min call where we discuss what you would like your Yoga Class to include and provide + a 60min class putting the theory into practice! 

With a 1-2-1 Yoga Program, we enter into a 8-week journey together which includes an initial 60min call followed by 8x60min Yoga classes. This program is created together with specifics outcomes in head yet still allowing the "let's go with the flow" attitude. A perfect choice if you re looking at deepening your Yoga practice , if you are new to Yoga, or just prefers 1-2-1 to group sessions! 

Is There Parking onsite?

For Classes and workshops at Weeke Community Centre: Yes, there is free parking available at the centre and free road parking all around

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