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Pink Gradient_edited.jpg

What Kind of Yoga?

Take a moment. Slow Down. Breath

At LeReste Flow Yoga you will find a variety of Yoga styles during classes. From Vinyasa, Hatha, to Gentle and Restorative.


Gentle Yoga often refers to a slower paced Yoga sequence where you work on relaxing your body into asanas (poses), using both stretches and breathing techniques. 
While gentle, a class can still have strengthening movements to accompany the calming effects from the above. A session can then include both muscle engagement and relaxation.


Benefits of following the Breath Flow

Calming Mind, Body, and Soul

Various benefits including:

- Relax the body

- Calm the Nervous System

- Get your body out of "Stress Mode" 

- Provide a sense of balance and contentment to mind, body, and soul

- And so much more! 


LeReste Flow Yoga

A moment to Pause. Be Present. And Recharge

At LeReste Flow Yoga the classes aim to provide a feeling of calm and peace. The pace is rather slow, the music is relaxing. We move yet we aim to get our body and mind to stillness.

A typical evening Gentle Yoga class includes: 
- a moment to stop, to arrive.

- a warm up for both body and mind!

- Energy focused Yoga flow. A series of poses working towards specific areas of the body to increase mobility, stretch and/or strength. 

- a cool/slowing down 

- relaxation (Savasana)

Pink Gradient_edited.jpg
Pink Gradient_edited.jpg

"Sophie is an amazing teacher and I look forward to class every week. Darker the room the better, with the candles it's so relaxing"

K. , Winchester

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