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Monthly Sunday Bliss


Join us for 90min of pure Bliss!

Starting with a Restorative & Yin yoga class, and concluding with a relaxing guided meditation. 


(Except Christmas Special £15/person) 

H2 2023 Sunday Bliss Dates

3rd September

Reconnecting with One Self

Following the Blue Moon, this session will focus on resetting and connecting with your inner self.

(use 'BlissBlue' at checkout for 20% discount by Aug 14th)

29th October

Developing inner strength

With the Hunter's moon comes a time to build courage & strength as we approach the darker days of the year. 

17th December

Christmas Special

Preparing for Christmas with 90min of relaxation & a little sparkle...

24th September

Practising Gratefulness

Using the harvesting season to grow and practise gratefulness to all that we have, and all that we are 

26th November

Reflect & Connect

Beaver Moon is at the time where beavers are active and getting ready to hibernate during the Winter season. As beavers, we take this time to reflect and prepare for Winter. 

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